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Who we are?

Zagut is a space of art that aims to promote reflections, interdisciplinary debates, with a focus on well-being and intergenerational, observing the uniqueness of people and expanding their way of seeing the world. Reflections on our world, our time, are welcome, using art works, conversations, texts, events for this, in order to allow the spectator to be sensitized. It has a curatorial focus on the generation of artists with three decades of path in the arts, in general with great influence from the openness to painting in the 1980s, and its dialogue with differences, especially the intergenerational one. It proposes the democratization of the exhibition space and access to art, through its represented artists, as well the invited ones. Touching people, promoting bridges that bring these different generations together, showing all of our main humanity.

Our Mission

Encourage reflection and exchange between people, cultivating present and future well-being.



Culture as a support for quality of life.


Recognition the importance of Zagut in promoting people's reflection and quality of life.



Commitment; quality of professionals; holistic view of the world and people; ethic; socio-environmental responsibility



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